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We are almost certainly living in a computer simulation

TEDx Conference, Oxford, March 2015.

TEDx Conference in Oxford is all about igniting a discussion between world’s famous philosophers
and brilliant young people, letting them inspire each other. Oxford, with its traditional abundance of
innovative ideas and bright minds, is truly the perfect spot for such an enlightened exchange of

Today’s line-up is a big one: “Will humanity’s technological advancements ultimately destroy us?”.
The Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom is going to top the bill on that. Author of the essay “Are we
living in a computer simulation ?”, Bostrom envisioned a future full of human enhancement,
nanotechnology and AI long before it became a front-page topic.

His line of reasoning resemble Swiss army knives: they are crystal clear, bite-sized, with colorful
exteriors and precisely calibrated as a pendulum. Bostrom conjugates in this lecture rationality with
simplicity. One worth remembering quote from his speech says:

"Machine intelligence is the last in…

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